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Swimming on Shawano Lake

There’s a calm that comes over me whenever I’m at the lake. From the woodsy scent of the pines that surround our family cottage; to the way the sun turns the water a deep shade of indigo blue on warm summer afternoons; to the laughter that comes from my kids and their friends as they jump off the dock—this is the place where my mind is at rest and my heart is full. People often talk about their happy place, and for me—since I was a child— it's Shawano Lake, in northern Wisconsin.

When my family and friends are there, summer days are long, and I wish they would never end—full of boating, waterskiing, fishing, kayaking, and swimming—and blazing campfires that we gather round, and tell tall tales, in the evenings. It’s the joy of being together, the fresh spirit of the outdoors, and the friendly, laid-back vibe, that I want to convey with our Lake Indigo home decor.

Here you’ll find colorful tapestries and linens to welcome into your home. Our designs are easy to use and care for, mix and match well, and are ready to brighten up your kitchen, add style to your dorm room, sweeten up your baby’s nursery, or personalize your special occasion. Best of all, each one is designed by our small group of independent artists, who have an independent spirit of their own! 

So kick back, relax, and dive into Lake Indigo.

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