The Serenity Project

The Serenity Project aims to empower resilient womxn who have persevered through life’s greatest hurdles by challenging unhealthy beauty standards, the rising number of suicide attempts, and the lack of support, tools, and skills survivors receive to grow through trauma they have gone through.


 The Serenity Project was founded by Serene Singh in 2017,  with a mission of 
transforming pain into power. 

The Serenity Project Method 


Method Part 1

Method Part 2

Method Part 3

The Serenity Project journey starts with a kick-off fashion show aimed at challenging our society’s notion of “beauty,” celebrating these womxn in the project to step out of their comfort zones and connect with their limitless potential, and inspire all womxn to persevere and find strength in celebration and community. 

Next comes a 12-month virtual curriculum building skills to thrive!

12 Chapters over 12 months, Countless Guest Speakers, Evidenced-Based Self-Improvement and Self-Help Exercises, and so much more!

Participants are paired with amazing mentors to create their projects. The Serenity Project womxn have developed projects for many causes including acid-attack victims, PTSD survivors, and anti-bullying groups - paying their experiences forward to empower other womxn! 

Miss Colorado handing a sash to Miss Passionate at The Serenity Project fashion show

Why We Chose The Serenity Project

Do you ever feel inspired by someone else’s passion? One of my passions is helping people.
If I can help someone even feel a little better about their day, it makes everything worth it. I am a huge advocate for empowering women. Empowered women empower women. When Haydon started telling me about The Serenity Project, I was inspired by what this non-profit does to support girls and women. I immediately wanted to support Haydon and her dreams. I want each and every one of these girls to be so proud and accomplished for what they are doing. They are so brave. Lake indigo Décor designed a tapestry that each and every girl can have to keep to remind them of how brave they are. You are brave enough to fly. Sometimes in life, we just need a little inspiration to keep us going.
"Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet still become something beautiful"
-  Drionna
 "People who need help sometimes look a lot like people who dont need help"
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